Water Softeners

Hard water can cause unsightly, hard to clean, hard water buildup in and around faucets, hot water heaters and other appliances, as well as build up on the plumbing inside your home. Soap does not lather as well, and your dishes come out of the dishwasher spotted, and laundry is not soft. It is rough on your skin and hair. A water softener removes the hardness to eliminate this problem. 

Water Softeners are mandatory these days due to excessive salt content in tap water all around. We must Install best scale removal reduction system or Salt Free Water conditioner to prevent our body from diseases. Contact for direct installation in Los Angeles. Buy from our Online Store. 
The more traditional ion exchange water softener uses a media that exchanges hardness molecules with sodium molecules, and hence removes the hardness. Periodically, the media is regenerated with a brine solution.

A newer technology of Template Assisted Crystallization, uses a salt free, maintenance free, approach. The hardness is not removed, but it is crystallized, so that it flows down the drain without adhering to what is contacts. 

We sell both types of Water Softeners and Water Conditioners. Please call us if you are unsure which one would be a better choice.  

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