Premier Salt Free Water Softener & Conditioner | 20 GPM | + Chloramine Reducing Carbon Upflow System

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  • COMPLETE Whole House Water Treatment System including 2 Full Systems: Salt Free and Scale Prevention Water Conditioner + Catalytic Carbon Media Tank
  • Salt Free Conditioner System with simple In/Out Head: Scale Prevention System uses Scalestop Media with the TAC method which is tested at 99.9% efficient at scale prevention and removal.
  • Catalytic Carbon Media Tank: Upflow system for iron, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, chloramines, and chemical removal from water
  • It is very important to protect your investment in a Salt Free System with a carbon filter if you have chlorinated water. Chlorine will greatly shorten the life cycle of the Scale Reduction media.
  • Healthier skin and hair - reduce your body's exposure to harsh chlorine and synthetic chemicals that can cause damage and excessive drying

Whole House NO-Salt Water Conditioning System | 20 GPM

INCLUDES: Scalestop Media (Pre-Loaded ) in 10"x54" Mineral Tank with Distribution Tube and IN/OUT Valve


  • NO lime scale build-up on pipes, fixtures or appliances and can even remove existing scale in some cases!
  • Easy Installation, Two Connections, Simple pipe in /pipe out!
  • Saves water no backwash required simple flow through to point of use!
  • NO power required NO timer or backwash cycle!
  • NO chemicals or salt required!
  • 50% less soap and detergents required and enjoy whiter whites and brighter colors without hard water stains!
  • Fits in limited space one small tank no brine tanks or large regeneration tanks!

Whole House Catalytic Carbon Filtration System

10"x 54" Mineral Tank (Black or Blue)

Upflow Valve

By Pass Valve

Adapter Kit

Distribution Tube

Catalytic Carbon Media 1.5 cu ft. (Pre-loaded for easy Installation)

Up Flow systems direct the water in the up=flow direction of the system. The water comes into the water system tank and flows through an upper basket and then down a riser tube in the middle of the tank. Once the water reaches the bottom of the tank it is then distributed through a lower basket attached to riser tube. The water then flows from the bottom of the tank through the filter media in a swirling motion. The swirling motion is created by the reaction of the water coming out of the lower basket coming in contact with the bottom of the filter tank which is rounded or curved. A up-flow design eliminates the need for backwashing on most filters because the media is continuously being fluffed each time the water flows through the tank. Another advantage to an up-flow design is the amount of contact time the untreated water has with the filter media. An up-flow design also forces the filter media to which in turn allows the media to have longer contact time with the water yielding better results.

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