Water Softener and Filter Tank Neoprene Sweat Jacket Outdoor Cover for 9"x 48:, 10" x 54", and 12"x 52" Tanks

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  • Neoprene water softener resin tank jacket ideal for minimizing the common issue with tank sweating when ground water is cold and ambient air is warm and humid. Can also be used on Filter Tanks of the corresponding size.
  • Simple zip on design allow the jacket to be added at any time. Even after the system is installed.
  • Easy to remove and wash, hang to dry and replace on the tank and your system will look new again.
  • Machine Washable. Reduces condensation and sweat from the tank. Mimimizes puddles due to condensation on the floor.
  • Order the correct size by finding what size your tank. A size is usually printed directly on your tank or on a label on your tank.

Neoprene Zippered Sweat Jackets for Water Softener & Water Filter Tanks.

✔️ Zipper Closure makes it super easy to install in place.
✔️ Protects your tank from scratches.
✔️ Reduces condensation and sweat from the tank.  
✔️ Minimizes puddles due to condensation on the floor. 
✔️ Easily installed or removed without removing plumbing or valve.
✔️ Works on water softeners, iron or sulphur filters, backwash filters and more
✔️ Order same size as tank.

These neoprene water softener jackets are designed specifically to insulate the softener tank against ambient temperature drops. This reduces the possibility of moisture developing on the outside of the softener as well as provides a touch of style to your whole home water conditioner. Also, with our black neoprene jackets, there is no added worry of dents or dirt affecting the look of your softener tank. A full length back zipper makes installation easy to apply onto already installed tanks and is easy to remove for machine washing.

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