Replacement Water Filter Tank + Pre-loaded Catalytic Carbon and Riser Tube | 12" x 52" - 2.0 Cubic Ft

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  • Replace your old Carbon Water Filtration Tank instead of dealing with the mess and struggle of replacing just the media
  • Pre-Loaded Water Filter Tank with 2.0 Cubic ft Catalytic Coconut Shell Carbon  with Riser/Distributer Tube Pre-Installed
  • To upgrade this filter tank to an Iron/Chlorine Removing Filter in one, Purchase our KDF MediaGuard at the time of purchase and we will Install it with the Tank for you.
  • Constructed of durable composite resin and reinforced with high-tensile strength filament windings. Resists corrosion and provides years of reliable service.
  • This product is the Water Filter Mineral Tank with Pre-loaded Carbon and Distributor Tube Only. Valve/Meter Not Included.

Replacement Water Filter Tank (12" x 52") with Riser Tube and Pre-loaded 2.0 Cubic ft of the Highest Quality Catalytic Carbon. (GAC).

If you would like to upgrade your Whole House Filter to filter out Iron or Chlorine, Heavy Metals, add a KDF Media Guard to your purchase and we will install it to the tank before shipping it out to you. You can still use the same valve/meter for the water softener system with a MediaGuard (We use a Universal Adapter). No Changes Necessary. Valves Not Included


For our KDF 55 MediaGuard: Here

For municipal water, KDF 55 MediaGuard removes chlorine and heavy metals, and prevents the growth of bacteria in your softener system.

For our KDF 85 MediaGuard: Here

For Well Water, add the KDF-85 MediaGuard to remove moderate amounts of iron and hydrogen sulfide (up to 1 ppm iron and/or H2S).

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Model Number 1252CSNV
Brand Premier Water Systems
Item Number 0
Shipping Length 12
Shipping Width 12
Shipping Height 52
Shipping Weight 60
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