Replacement Water Filter Tank + Pre-loaded Activated Coconut Shell Carbon (GAC) and Riser Tube | 10" x 54" - 1.5 Cubic Ft

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  • Replace your old Carbon Water Filtration Tank instead of dealing with the mess and struggle of replacing just the media
  • Pre-Loaded Water Filter Tank with 1.5 Cubic ft Granular Activated Coconut Shell Carbon (GAC) with Riser/Distributer Tube Pre-Installed
  • To upgrade this filter tank to an Iron/Chlorine Removing Filter in one, Purchase our KDF MediaGuard at the time of purchase and we will Install it with the Tank for you.
  • Constructed of durable composite resin and reinforced with high-tensile strength filament windings. Resists corrosion and provides years of reliable service.
  • This product is the Water Filter Mineral Tank with Pre-loaded Carbon and Distributor Tube Only. Valve/Meter Not Included.

Replacement Water Filter Tank with Riser Tube and Pre-loaded 1.5 Cubic ft of the Highest Quality and Granular Activated Coconut Shell Carbon (GAC).

If you would like to upgrade your Whole House Filter to filter out Iron or Chlorine, Heavy Metals, add a KDF Media Guard to your purchase and we will install it to the tank before shipping it out to you. You can still use the same valve/meter for the water softener system with a MediaGuard (We use a Universal Adapter). No Changes Necessary. Valves Not Included


For our KDF 55 MediaGuard: Here

For municipal water, KDF 55 MediaGuard removes chlorine and heavy metals, and prevents the growth of bacteria in your softener system.

For our KDF 85 MediaGuard: Here

For Well Water, add the KDF-85 MediaGuard to remove moderate amounts of iron and hydrogen sulfide (up to 1 ppm iron and/or H2S).

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Model Number WFT1054
Brand Premier Water Systems
Item Number 0
Shipping Length 10
Shipping Width 10
Shipping Height 54
Shipping Weight 55
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