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Automatic backwashing filters are simple, straightforward devices with few moving parts. They need an electrical supply, but their electrical consumption is negligible — about the same as the timer on your kitchen range. (We can supply a non-electrical, manual backwash version of these filters if needed. Details are at the bottom of this page.)

Water enters the filter tank from the top via the control valve, passes downward through the filtering medium to the bottom of the tank where it enters a riser tube that sends it up and out to your service line. It's a simple device, and there isn't a lot that can go wrong. The control valve times the operation and backwashes the medium at intervals that you preset — for example, every fourth day or every sixth day — according to need. Backwashing cleans the filter medium, fluffs it up, and restores the filter's capability. The backwashing process is done in the early morning hours when filtered water is least likely to be needed. Water Filteration systems are very important in every modern house as dangerous impurities are increasing in drinking water all around. Install the best Best Water Filtration and Purification Equipment in your homes. Buy online at best prices.



Standard Granular Activated Carbon (GAC)

Carbon provides excellent dechlorination and aesthetic improvement and is the most frequently chosen medium to treat chlorinated city water. Removes chemicals and small amounts of hydrogen sulfide, and can be a good iron remover, but only if used behind an oxidizer like air or chlorine.

Catalytic Carbon

Catalytic carbon is a specially prepared carbon, for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and iron from well water, or chloramines from municipal tap water. Makes a great “whole house” filter for general city water use, especially where chloramines are used, and works well with oxidizers like air and chlorine for sulfide or iron removal. This filter costs more than the standard GAC filter above because catalytic carbon is quite expensive.


Calcite is a neutralizing medium designed to raise the pH of acidic water. Calcite filters use the same 5600 valve.

Sediment Filtration

Filter Ag

Filter Ag is a general purpose medium that lasts almost forever. It makes an excellent sediment filter and will remove iron from water of a neutral pH that has been properly treated with chlorination or aeration. It is light and backwashes easily. There is very little pressure drop using Filter Ag. Filtration is down to about 20 microns.