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PREMIER Whole House Water Softener System |1.0 cu ft 32,000 Grain (9"x48") 1-3 Person Home

Product Review (submitted on May 17, 2019):

Wanted to wait awhile before posting a review to get some run time on the Water softener. I bought this unit to replace a previous Sears softener after the resin trap blew out in it and clogged all my house plumbing. Now that the Softener has been in service for several months, I really have no complaints about this unit. I self installed - the instructions were clear and detailed. No installation issues at all with the unit itself. Other than connecting piping and salt, everything required was included. One thing I did do was add in/out isolation valves and filters this time - never want to go through another resin bed failure again! The controller works great, and the resin tank is well built. The salt reservoir is a little flimsy, but good enough. At this price point, it represents a major savings over other big box hardware store or dealer installed options, and it has worked flawlessly since installation. Being able to fine tune the unit to my specific water hardness and usage makes it pretty miserly with salt consumption. I would definitely recommend this to others.