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Replacement filters & 50 GPD membrane set 6 stage reverse osmosis Alkaline

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Replacement filters & 50 GPD membrane set 6 stage reverse osmosis Alkaline
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Replacment filters and Membrane for 6 Stage with Alkaline ORP negative filter


Replacment Water Filter set for 6 Stage Premier Reverse Osmosis with Membrane.

This set come with the following

1 Sediment Water Filter/ Cartridge 2.5 x 9.75 Remove dirt and sediment
1. GAC Granular activated Carbon
A filter with granular activated carbon (GAC) is a proven option to remove certain chemicals, particularly organic chemicals, from water. GAC filters also can be used to remove chemicals that give objectionable odors or tastes to water such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs odor) or chlorine
1. Carbon Block
Active charcoal carbon filters are most effective at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), taste and odor from water.
1. 2 x 10 inline carbon filter for taste and odor with 1/4" FNPT thread

1 Premier 2 x 10 speciality Alkaline filter with High pH and negative ORP.
GREAT pH increasing multi media Alkalinizer Water Filter.


Benefit of higher pH level and higher Alkaline in your water.

Acid-Alkaline Balance

Proper Health starts with the correct acid-alkaline balance in your body. The pH level (acid - alkaline measurement) of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. Extended acid imbalances of any kind can overwhelm your body, and lead to health complications.

Just as the body regulates its temperature in a rigid manner, so will it manage to preserve a very narrow pH range - especially in the blood. As a matter of fact, the body will go to such great lengths to maintain a blood pH of 7.365 that it will even create stress on other tissues, body systems, and organs to do so. Chronic acidity will interrupt all cellular activities and functions - it interferes with life itself.

When the pH of the body gets out of balance (too acidic), we may experience low energy, fatigue, excess weight, poor digestion, aches and pains, and even more serious disorders.

The cycle of acidity begins primarily as a result of three things:

1. Ingesting acids. Eating too many acidifying foods like processed sugar, meats, dairy, coffee, alcohol, etc. Create an acid ash in the body. These acids can overload the body’s ability to neutralize them.

2. Creation of acids. Pathogens and microforms create acidifying toxins in the body. As the body becomes more and more acidic, bad bacteria, yeasts and other microforms proliferate in the body. Since these organisms are living, they eat as well as create resulting toxins. These toxins are often very acidifying.

3. Improper elimination of acids. Not all acids are the same; some are weak and some are strong. Weak acids like citric acid are much easier to neutralize than strong acids like uric acid. The body uses many systems in order to buffer acids including breath, mineral reserves, and fat. When the body’s buffering systems become compromised, excess acids build up.

The process of reestablishing acid-alkaline balance begins with proper diet and nutrition. This includes eating alkalizing foods (vegetables, low sugar fruits, etc.), super hydration (drinking plenty of alkaline water that is ionic and structured), and proper supplementation




High-purity copper-zinc redox media consistently remove 99% of free chlorine by electrochemically reducing dissolved

chlorine gas to water-soluble chloride ions.

  • KDF process medium are being used to complement or replace activated carbon filters,
  • removing up to 95% of the chlorine when treating municipal water.
  • KDF media pretreatment of granular activated carbon also extends the carbon's life and limits bacteria growth in the bed.

KDF Process Media are used for a variety of pretreatment, primary water treatment, and wastewater treatment processes.

They are generally used in place of, or in conjunction with, granular activated carbon filters, even carbon block or inline filters.

KDF water filter media extend the life of granular activated carbon (GAC) while protecting the carbon bed against fouling by bacterial growth.

Our Media are also used to replace silver-impregnated systems. Silver is toxic,

KDF Process Media are not. Silver must be registered with the EPA as a toxic pesticide,

KDF Process Media do not. By the way, silver is more expensive than KDF Process Media.

We can explain redox (oxidation reduction process) like this:

KDF Fluid Treatment’s unique combination of copper and zinc creates an electro-chemical reaction.

During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, and new elements are created.

harmful contaminants are changed into harmless components. Free chlorine, for instance, is changed into benign, water-soluble chloride,

which is then carried harmlessly through the water supply.

Similarly, some heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and others,

react to plate out onto the medium’s surface, thus being effectively removed from the water supply.


1. Reverse Osmosis Membrane  50 GPD

Typical Rejection Percentages of 
Thin Film Composite (TFC) Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Below are the typical rejection (removal) percentages of a standard thin film (TFC) reverse osmosis membrane. These are averages based on experience and are generally accepted within the industry. They are not a guarantee of performance. Actual rejection can vary according to the chemistry of the water, temperature, pressure, pH and other factors.

Estimated Reverse Osmosis Rejection Percentages

The reverse osmosis process uses a semi-permeable membrane to reject a wide variety of impurities. Here is a partial list.

Aluminum 97-98% Nickel 97-99%
Ammonium 85-95% Nitrate 93-96%
Arsenic 94-96% Phosphate 99+%
Bacteria 99+% Polyphosphate 98-99%
Bicarbonate 95-96% Potassium 92%
Boron 50-70% Pyrogen 99+%
Bromide 93-96% Radioactivity 95-98%
Cadmium 96-98% Radium 97%
Calcium 96-98% Selenium 97%
Chloride 94-95% Silica 85-90%
Chromate 90-98% Silicate 95-97%
Chromium 96-98% Silver 95-97%
Copper 97-99% Sodium 92-98%
Cyanide 90-95% Sulphate 99+%
Ferrocyanide 98-99% Sulphite 96-98%
Fluoride 94-96% Zinc 98-99%
Iron 98-99%    
Lead 96-98% Insecticides 97%
Magnesium 96-98% Detergents 97%
Manganese 96-98% Herbicides 97%
Mercury 96-98% Virus 99+%
TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) 95-99% Hardness 93-97%

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