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Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Deionization Nuclear Grade DI Resin (Deionizing) - 1.25 Pounds

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Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Deionization Nuclear Grade DI Resin (Deionizing) - 1.25 Pounds
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  • 1.25 Pounds (20 Ounces) of Mixed Bed DI Resin. Highest Quality Nuclear Grade.

  • Used for Aquarium Reef Filter anf Filtration systems that need 0 TDS pure water

  • Our virgin nuclear grade deionization resin is a mixture of anion and cation gel type ion exchange resins. The mixed resin is prepared from component resins which have been manufactured with the highest degree of purity for drinking water applications and converted to the H+ / OH- form.

    Detailed Instructions
    ● 1.25 lbs of resin fills one standard 10-inch refillable cartridge, packed tight for maximum efficiency.
    ● For best results, use TDS monitor for rise in TDS. Change resin upon exhaustion.
    ● Best used after reverse osmosis for zero TDS water for the aquatics industry.
    ● Recommend pre-filter with catalytic carbon or carbon block to extend the life of resin if chloramines are present in source water.



1.25 lbs Mixed Bed Nuclear Grade DI Resin. We vacuum package our resin, this removes virtually all of the carbon dioxide within the packaging itself. We strongly suggest using inline TDS meters to definitively tell you when it is time to change your resin.

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