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Culligan RO Sediment Filter for Culligan AC-30 Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Culligan RO Sediment Filter for Culligan AC-30 Reverse Osmosis Systems
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  • The RS-23-SED5 sediment filter is compatible with the AC30, AC15, H83 and H53 Culligan RO Systems as a pre-filter that reduces sediment particles as small as 5 microns in your water. Interchangeable parts include the 255824-43 and S7011-C.

    Made with NSF Certified Material

      • Micron Rating: 5 microns

      • Dimensions: 12" X 1.85"

    • Replace every 6-12 months

  • Compatible fit with Excellent Filtration Capabilities

  • Safe and Cost Effective



Unique filament matrix provides excellent dirt holding capacity extending the life of the sediment pre-filter. The gradient depth filter captures larger particles on the outside while smaller particles are retained inside the filter matrix.

They are a compatible replacement for the following carbon filter elements:

00402796, 00402808, 00448763, 0100078, 01000827, 01000078, 01004291, 01012580, 4027-96, 4028-08, 4487-62, 4487-63, 4496-28, 00-0011-38, 00-4027-96, 00-4028-08, 00-4487-63, 01-000-78, 01-0008-27, 01-0000-78, 01-0042-91, 01-0125-80, 00001138, 402796, 402808, 448762, 448763, GA 328635, KX Matrix 32-175-050-100, Omni pure RS-22-CB5-EB, RS22CB5EB T3000. Culligan, KX, the KX MAtrikx brand and Omni pure are registered trademarks for their respective companies.

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